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Functional biological replacements using innovative ceramic technology, improving treatment outcomes with functionality, minimal invasiveness, and durability.

CerInvent: Less invasive and more durable procedures.

Our unique method creates aesthetic, functional and durable dental restoration crowns with significantly less loss of healthy dental tissue.

CerInvent has developed a unique method to produce dental restorations in zirconia with a modified inner surface that is possible to glue to the tooth surface which makes them more durable and less invasive using the latest technologies available on the market

AdheZir: Optimal bonding to the tooth surface

The optimal bonding between the tooth surface and the restoration makes it possible to save more of the healthy tooth substance.

Optimal strength and esthetics

Optimal strength and esthetics through the unique properties of zirconia.

Surpasses all materials used so far

The biological properties of zirconia surpasses all presently used dental materials.

Our unique surface

AdheZir™ - Our unique method creates esthetic, functional and durable dental restorations with significantly less loss of healthy dental tissue.

Our method enables production of zirconia dental crowns in a new, easy and cost effective way, adapted for both industrial- and small dental laboratory production.

About CerInvent

From company headquarters in Gothenburg, Sweden, CerInvent is researching, developing and clinically testing novel dental restorative components that offer extraordinary opportunities to deliver reliable, sturdy and minimally invasive procedures.

As an astute, goal-oriented company, we are committed to developing new opportunities into real clinical benefits for restoring lost tissue. Our patent portfolio is strong, and we receive sound financial support from committed Swedish investors.

"CerInvent identifies novel opportunities for the use of ceramics in replacing lost tissue, working in the exciting field of bonded zirconia reconstructions. We have a highly devoted and skilled team conducting research and development. We have a unique research competence in bio-ceramics and in turning material knowledge into clinical solutions. We work with the best people in the field, and at CerInvent we coordinate and evaluate the results. Our mission is to bring new therapies into the clinic and in the long run become one of the companies that contribute with new innovations and treatments in replacing lost hard tissues."
Dr. Stefan Edgren

The team


Annette Björklund

Chairwoman of the Board


Jenny Fäldt

MSc PhD Deputy CEO
Board Member


Dr. Stefan Edgren

Board Member


Dr. Per Haag

Board Member


Helena Lundquist

Board Member