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Investor relations

Most of the dental crowns manufactured world-wide every year are made of zirconia - and its share is growing fast!

CerInvent is based on the development of a zirconia surface that is possible to bond (glue) to the tooth without losing the technical advantages of the bulk material.

Our technology makes millions of these treatments more durable and less invasive.

CerInvent was founded in 2021 and is building a strong and broad patent portfolio with opportunities for internal development and future partnerships. The company is supported financially by, among others, GU Ventures and Vasa Angels.

The problem and the needs

People want functional and aesthetic solutions with as little intervention in the healthy tooth as possible. Many solutions have been presented in recent decades, but often with compromises between function, aesthetics, and minimal invasiveness.

Over the past twenty years, crowns and other replacements of lost tooth substance have been manufactured to an increasing extent in zirconia, a ceramic with excellent functional and aesthetic properties. Unfortunately, the way zirconia is used today requires a substantial part of the healthy tooth requires to be removed because in order to bond (glue) the material to the tooth surface.

Imagine then that we can modify the inner surface of a zirconia restoration so that it becomes possible to glue to the tooth.

Aesthetic, functional, and durable restorations that require significantly less loss of healthy dental tissue to the delight of hundreds of thousands of dentists and millions of patients worldwide.

Now we can!

The Solution

We have developed a method to produce dental crowns, inlays and onlays in zirconia with a modified inner surface that is possible to glue to the tooth surface. The patented method is reviewed and described in the scientific literature and tested by RISE, at the Faculty of Odontology at Malmö University and at the Sahlgrenska Academy, University of Gothenburg. We have protected the principle with patents in all important markets and we have developed a simple and scalable process that is suitable for all dental laboratories that can handle digital processes.

In addition, our production technology uses the input materials optimally and, unlike today’s milling technology where most of the material are milled away, we save both resources and the environment.

Our unique surface

Why invest in CerInvent?

CerInvent provides the next generation of dental restorations in bondable zirconia. We continue to develop the technology for new applications in- and outside the oral cavity.

5 reasons to invest in CerInvent
• In house development – a devoted and highly skilled team
• IP-protection
• Unique
• Fast route to market
• New products in pipeline